Specialty Hospital Solutions

In-Hospital Laboratory

Replace slow, expensive in-clinic analyzers with a hands-off high quality lab

Ellie will build, manage and staff a high-throughput laboratory inside or near your facility.

  • Strengthen relationships with neighboring general practice clinics who utilize Ellie’s local lab which can drive additional referrals to the hospital
  • Eliminates the need for lab-dedicated personnel and training for general staff
  • Reduces in-clinic lab cost dramatically
  • Provides specialists reference-quality lab results directly in the clinic
  • Order and receive test results directly in your PMS using Ellie’s software integrations
  • Generate rental revenue

Specialty Lab Management

Eliminate headaches from sending your lab samples with 15 different specialty labs

Ellie will directly manage all of your laboratory samples that are sent to your trusted academic specialty labs. 

  • Allows hospitals to order and view results from any specialty lab directly through their PMS system with Ellie’s software integrations
  • Gives the hospital a single point of contact for all specialty lab questions
  • Eliminates shipping expenses for most hospitals
  • One customized requisition that can be used to order any test in the country
  • A helpful daily report that provides a real-time status and commentary from our proactive monitoring of each sample