Ellie Well™ Wellness

We believe wellness bloodwork should be standard and attainable for every pet, every year. 

That’s why, we offer affordable, high-quality wellness profiles for healthier pets, and healthier profits for our vets.

What Vets Love About Ellie Well™:

  • Engaging client report ft. Wellie™ Score
  • Two simple codes
  • Marketing material
  • Staff training & guided implementation
Increase your bloodwork compliance by 20%
Plus, enjoy all the perks of our full-service diagnostics services.

"What's My Pet's Wellie™ Score?

Every client wants to know.

Preventative bloodwork saves pet owners thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our simple report and affordable pricing offers wellness profiles that pet owners LOVE. 

Tests Include:







Stuck in a Contract? No Problem.

Wellie™ Profiles create incremental business that doesn’t interfere with contract minimums.