Pet Owners

Why Diagnostic Testing Matters

Dogs can't speak for themselves, diagnostic testing gives them a voice

Your pet can’t speak for himself or herself. At Ellie Diagnostics we give pets a voice through our informative tests. Now you can find out what is really going on inside your pet and you can get the information needed to help your pet live their best, healthiest life.

There are many illnesses, such as heart disease, they may not be able to be detected through a physical examination. Our tests can make sure your pet is as healthy inside as he or she appears outside. We can also help prevent illnesses or ensure they are detected early so that proper treatment plans can be followed.

Order a Test

Pet owners are welcome to purchase Ellie Diagnostics testing directly. To do so, complete the required information below. We will send a kit directly to your door which you can bring to any veterinary clinic to draw the samples for testing. The results will be sent to both you and the veterinarian.

Help your pet live a long life with test results that will allow you to treat or prevent illnesses! We know your how much your pet means to you and strive to provide accurate test results you can rely on to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


51 Account
$ 179
  • Learn everything about your pet


45 Account
$ 149
  • Great for sick pets or detailed checkup


19 Tests
$ 129
  • Perfect for healthy checkups


12 Tests
$ 79
  • Affordable & effective