Company Leadership

Medical Advisory Board

ANIMAL healthcare and veterinary Experts

Dr. Rory Lubold, DVM

Dr. Rory Lubold is a highly successful DVM and veterinary entrepreneur. His ventures include successful emergency and specialty practices across the country and recently he founded of Paion Veterinary Group which provides high-quality in-home veterinary care. Dr. Lubold is involved with a variety of new veterinary businesses solving real-world problems in innovative ways. He received his DVM from Western University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Ericka Carroll, VMD, MBA, DABVP

Dr. Ericka Carroll is an innovator in the veterinary industry with extensive experience in commercial practice, business and government. She served as the Director of Veterinary Operations in the US Army for over 5 years which included an extended period in Germany. She received her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania. To further her already broad experience Dr. Carroll took time off to receive her MBA from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany.

Nicholas M. Vaughan DVM, MBA, CCRP, CVA

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan has many years of experience breaking new grounds in the veterinary industry. He is the founder of PAZ Veterinary, a holistic, comprehensive animal care facility providing the best of western and eastern medicine. Before that he played a major role in the growth of Purina as the Technical Marketing Director. He received his DVM from Louisiana State University and later received his MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Scot J. Estep DACVP

Head of Pathology

Dr. Estep is a boarded veterinary pathologist with a clinical slant. He graduated from OSU in 1992. During a 20-year army career, he spent time running busy small animal practices in Missouri and German, 3 years in veterinary pathology residency,  years in neurology and ocular research, and 8 years in wound healing, shock and hemorrhage control research. Specifically he supported the hemostatic dressings that have been credited with saving the lives of hundreds of wounded soldiers and patients in both combat and civilian trauma around the world. 

Dr. Estep is an adjunct professor at the Army Medical Center and School and has lectured and taght around the US and Europe on cytology, diagnostic necropsy, Chagas Disease, feline enteritis, and getting the most from pathology. He has 30 scientific and clinical publications including 2 book chapters. 

Dr. Estep is one of the foremost experts on his passion of feline GI ocular and bone pathology.

Dr. Kent Julius


Dr. Julius is the Founder of Legacy Veterinary Hospital. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Illinois in 1999. During veterinary school he worked as a research assistant grant program that involved trapping and releasing wildlife near swine farms to determine the spread of viruses. He also served as a research assistant in the U of I Toxicology Lab for three years. After graduation he worked for the largest veterinary hospital in Carrollton. He then joined a three-doctor small animal hospital in Coppell for two years before opening Legacy Veterinary Hospital. He also served as a relief veterinarian at the Fort Worth Zoo for 3 years.

Dr. Derrick Nelson


Dr. Nelson earned a Bachelors degree in Animal Science in 1998 and a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2002 from Texas A&M University. During Dr. Nelson’s fourth year of veterinary school, he completed an externship in Kentucky working on multi-million dollar thoroughbreds, including Kentucky Derby winners. Since graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Nelson has worked in various veterinary clinics in the DFW area. In April 2011, he acquired Town and Country Veterinary Clinic where he currently practices.


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